28 Huge Signs That A Guy Is An Insecure Douchebag


“Big Ego. Nothing screams ‘I cry myself to sleep at night’ like a guy who walks around like he owns the place.”


“Complete turnover of personality when girls are around, I’ve seen it a few times, shit is embarrassing.”


“Talks down to other people to make himself seem superior.”


“Constantly talking about how toxic feminism is.”


“An inability to admit when they’re wrong.”


“Blames their problems on others or society as a whole. Unwillingness to take responsibility for their life or behaviors which are often negative and disruptive.”


“Excessive need for validation from others.”


“When they think having emotions is weird/gay/girly.”


“When they can’t stand getting ‘beat by a girl.’”


“Anger, being a sore loser, lying, pointing the blame towards others, an excessive social media personality, shit talking…”


“Will abandon friends on a whim, for minuscule reasons.”


“Pretending to be something he’s not in order to make friends or to start a relationship.”


“Bragging and excessive use of hyperbole/outright lying when talking about himself. See: My former roommate who claimed to have used 32 condoms in one night (about 6 hours) with a tinder date, and had 44 standard drinks of alcohol in just 3 hours on another occasion.”


“They put down other men around them.”


“Lies. Either compulsively, to constantly maintain a look-good facade, or (in my case) intentionally and specifically, to create safeguards, distance, masks, make self less easy to harm or betray. By the same token, inability to form actual, good, genuine friendships.”


“Insecure men throw their friends under the bus in the presence of women. This is an attempt to try and make themselves look good. Narcissistic assholes like this believe a woman needs men to compete for her attention. I’ve actually unfriended buds of mine because at the time I just got so sick of this behavior.”


“Constantly bragging about his accomplishments and dissing competitors, critics and others. An obsessive desire to always be right about everything, regardless of facts.”


“Basically any trait that a high school kid would consider to be ‘alpha’ I think is a huge sign of massive insecurities in men. Because its that archetype that so many men latch onto as being ‘real men.’”


“Calling girls sluts or whores.”


“Being aggressive and confrontational about everything. You make fun of them and they feel the need to fight you. Yeah they’re insecure and can’t handle themselves.”


“When he believes that he is always the victim, no matter what.”


“If they put women down (about weight or looks) Then say things like ‘I’d never be caught with someone like that.”


“Never being able to be wrong! Like totally unable to admit it, totally unable to accept it. A guy who will hold to an opinion even if it’s factually incorrect just to keep from having to say ‘I was wrong’ out loud.”


“He claims to have a horse cock but actually has a very angry worm that speaks German in place of a penis.”


“Yelling out the window of their cars at women. Yeah you sure had an interaction with a woman where she couldn’t talk back, bet that makes you feel real big.”


“Total resistance to anything feminine, including not wanting to have female friends. If a guy has to feel 100% masculine all the time, he’s probably afraid of something.”


“When they always try to be the center of attention. If they don’t get the attention they seek from others, they will continue raising their voices until people notice them fully. Very annoying, especially from a guy’s point of view.”


“Being very thin-skinned. Aggressive towards minor criticism. Cannot laugh about himself. People who are fine with themselves and very confident, embrace criticism and make fun about their failures and weaknesses. They have a very stable personality core. The more people fight to appear perfect and super confident, the more insecure they are.”


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