5 Tips On How To Have Sex At Your Parents’ House


Sex is an integral part of humanity. And yet, few of us are comfortable discussing this aspect of our lives openly with our parents. Why? Maybe because dick sucking and pussy licking aren’t activities mom and dad want to envision their daughters and sons participating in, and we all know that the power of suggestion can trigger unwanted visuals. Or maybe Freud was right about the Oedipus complex, and we’re all aware on some level that widespread honest sexual discourse might unlock the Pandora’s box of lust we each harbor for our parents, thereby causing an incest epidemic. (Ew!)

There is of course no reason for anyone to be ashamed of their sexual habits, assuming they lie within the scope of consensual, nonviolent (unless permitted to be violent) behavior. Still, there is a case for preserving the memories people cherish of their pure, innocent children dancing as sugarplum ferries in the local production of the Nutcracker, or hitting that clincher of a home run in the championship little league game. Feeding the collective parental delusion that we adult children (including those with offspring of their own) do not engage in sexual behavior regularly might just be integral to humanity, too.

For the typical grownup not residing in the basement of their childhood home, nursing the misconception that sex doesn’t play a large role in their daily life is simple enough. Then comes the holiday season, when we’re all roped into several family functions within a short time. What’s an adult keen on shielding mom and dad supposed to do when their libido kicks in and the only thing they want—nay, need—is to stow away with their partner for a spirited, eggnog driven romp? Consider these five tips on how to have sex undetected when trapped at your parents’ house.

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