5 Tips to Have Your Woman Wanting You More

5 Tips to Have Your Woman Wanting You More

There’s no denying that building a relationship and keeping it fresh each and every day is extremely difficult. For those it would just come naturally have already realized this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Putting time, work, and dedication into the things we cherish the most gives us the best guarantee you’ll ever have, but even that may not be enough.

Understanding what makes a woman tick and truly getting to know her, and I mean all of her will show her you really care. If you’re looking for some tips to have your woman wanting you more, then we’ve compiled a few things you may not have considered.

5. Keep No Secrets

Trust is the biggest killer of all relationships, and it’s the strongest foundation to all relationships. Make your life an open book from the very beginning as the earlier she trusts you the easier it’ll be to lure her in. Tell her what you think she wants to know even before she ever asks you for it.

4. Be Attentive to Her Needs, Genuinely

Women have needs, and no matter how important they are to you, they always should be. This doesn’t mean that you put on a good act when she comes around, but genuinely express that her needs are more important to you then your own. Take the time to communicate, which in this case means more listening than talking and always make time for this, even if you don’t think you have it.

3. Don’t Forget About Chivalry Just Because You Already Have Her

Most men, including myself believe that chivalry goes out the door because we already have her. We don’t do this intentionally, but it’s so true that most men use chivalry only to woo a woman, and once we’ve got her we seem to forget all about it.

The idea that Chivalry has become sort of a cliché’ has become a huge misunderstanding. In the beginning of a relationship, most women believe these acts of kindness have an ulterior motive, and in most cases their probably right. But there are some of us who believe chivalry isn’t dead and these genuine acts of kindness seem to go much further than you think.

2. Make Her Feel Safe and Secure

Woman love security both financial and physical, and both go a long way in her developing trust in you. Women aren’t necessarily looking for the strongest men out there, but they are looking for the ones who will do whatever it takes to give her a true sense of security.

Women are so used to provide the nurturing, and in-turn, have built some of the strongest relationships that will last a lifetime. Men, take a lesson here because they’ve done it right.

1. Pamper Her

There’s no secret that everyone loves to be pampered, especially women. Pampering doesn’t have to cost you a fortune as more times than not it’s the littlest things that make the most difference. Subtle initiatives such as home massages, hair washes, candlelight home cooked dinners for two, and personalized gifts are all certain in making her want you more.


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