The Shins Are Dropping Their First New Album In Half A Decade


The Shins have announced their first new album in almost five years. Heartworms — the long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s Port Of Morrow — is out on March 10 via Columbia. To celebrate the announcement, the band shared a bouncy pop tune called “Name For You” along with an appropriately upbeat lyric video. Check that out below.

Shins frontman James Mercer handled production on Heartworms, which is something he hasn’t done since the band’s debut album Oh, Inverted World. Mercer told NPR that the album in general was inspired by growing older and parenthood, saying that the song “Name For You” was meant to empower his daughters.

Check out the full tracklist for Heartworms below:

1. “Name For You”
2. “Painting A Hole”
3. “Cherry Hearts”
4. “Fantasy Island”
5. “Mildenhall”
6. “Rubber Ballz”
7. “Half A Million”
8. “Dead Alive”
9. “Heartworms”
10. “So Now What”
11. “The Fear”

If “Name For You” has you needing more of the band that will change your life, you’re in luck. They released a spooky video for the album cut “Dead Alive” around Halloween that you can watch below:

Alternatively, you can rewind a couple of weeks and listen to their cover of “Wonderful Christmastime”, which is a thing that a lot of people apparently do on the sly.

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