Zuckerberg blames himself for having bought Oculus

The owner of Facebook, said that he would prefer to create their own virtual reality headset, you spend two billion for the acquisition of Oculus startup in 2014. This was Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview with the director of the accelerator Y Combinator Sam Altman.

In response to a question about their biggest or “crazy” Zuckerberg acquisitions without hesitation he gave the example of Oculus.

“We bought Oculus team for a lot of money, – he said. – In fact, it seems to me that if we are better able to cope with the work to create something like that, then we probably would not have to do that. ”

The company was not ready to take on the virtual reality, he continued. “You know, Oculus team is by far the most talented of those who are working on this problem, so that such a step was reasonable,” – said Zuckerberg. But the responsibility for such decisions rests with the management. “It is your duty as president comes to understand when it is not necessary to do these crazy things … Of course, they are unavoidable, it is impossible to foresee all the world”, – he adde

Nevertheless, it seems that the investment of $ 2 billion to pay off Oculus. Startup has helped to accelerate the development and release glasses Oculus Rift. And VR Facebook introduces an idea of how the future for its extensive social network.

However, long-term strategy Zuckerberg seems to be designed more on the creation of products in-house. The company recently opened a new research laboratory R + D Lab, and  continues to work on Aquila


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